You better start cranking these out. I’m going to need more. Zero beetles in the hive with three deep boxes. I went through all three and swapped the bottom two. No beetles anywhere. I highly recommend the use of this product. It is easy to use and a great headache eliminator.

John Raleigh

Longtime Beekeeper

I’m impressed with the effectiveness of the Beetle Banisher. It does a remarkable job of driving out the Small Hive Beetles without disrupting the normal activities of the hive.

Gran Gillard

past president Missouri State Beekeepers Assn, noted speaker and author of several books on beekeeping.

The Banishers work very well. When I pulled the covers off there were no beetles at all in my hives. Usually, when I’ve pulled the cover and inner cover there are beetles corralled in the corners of the box. With these covers there were none. I think you have a great idea and a great product.

Paul Anderson

5th year beekeeper

I must admit I was skeptical at first as everyone seems to have the absolute answer with their theories and gimmicks. Bottom line…..I’m impressed. I think this is really a step in the right direction for a minimally invasive, chemical-free process for reducing or eliminating Small Hive Beetle presence in the hive.

Dan Novak

Master Beekeeper

We had seen beetles in a few of our hives and had been using the beetle traps.  When I received the Beetle Banisher and installed it on top of one of the hives we noticed a significant decrease in beetles.  We rotated it to some of the other hives and seemed to work great.  It is a natural and attractive alternative to rid our hives of the beetles. I think you have a great product that works. I wish we had 3 more. Thanks for the opportunity to try it out.

Connie Roberts